Wine Bottle with Natural Light

November 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Today, I talk about a scene I did with a bottle of wine, grapes and a glass, using natural light. Light is essential in photography and there are many types. Understanding and using it is a whole journey in itself. There are lots of Natural Light Photography opportunities out there and when you start to understand and study light you can manipulate it to create some pretty awesome pictures without the use of strobe or flash. You might need some kind of light modifier. It depends on your location in relation to the light.

It was a sunny day in May, much like an earlier bottle shoot that I did a couple of years ago. I brought minimal gear, but I was glad I brought what I did. There were some challenges to overcome and I used what I had, which was a camera, tripod, remote trigger, 5 in 1 light modifier disc, light stand and a black backdrop. I knew what vision I wanted and the composition is very similar to that earlier shoot I mentioned above. One bottle, some fruit and a glass. I positioned the glass, fruit and bottle on the table and took some test shots ( exposure, white balance, color calibration ) and got a feel for how wanted it to look as seen in Photo #1 below. 


When doing a shoot you usually run into some sort of challenge, so having good trouble shooting skills is of great benefit. One of the challenges I faced was the over all harsh light. Even though the subject was not in direct light, it was a enough of a hard light source to create the reflections on the bottle. You will notice in Photo #2, the label has a green stripe going down the right side with white reflection streaks. On the left, is a reflection from the light coming from outside the cove of the pavilion I was in.


You can see where the green streak was coming from ( top right ) in Photo #3. Using my X Drop Black Backdrop,  I was able to drape it over my umbrella light stand with the 5 in one reflector holder. This essentially took light away from the right side of the bottle eliminating the green streak and the other reflections from that side.


Now to handle the left side. I used the 5 in 1 reflector. The diffuser is what I used to create a soft box type of light on the bottle. You can see how close I was to the bottle when shooting with it in Photo #4.


Once I had all in place I found the I did not like positioning. The table had the wood line going up the left side I found it to be distracting so I repositioned the glass, grapes and the camera slightly a bit to create the final shot below. Photo #5