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The Passport To Great Color

December 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of the big challenges for a photographer is color. Color on the Monitor, Prints ETC. How do you get consistent color with your photographs? I remember with my first portrait shoot thinking afterward. Hmmm. How do I know that the color of the print is the same as that of the actual subject. I was horrified when realizing I had a paid job and don't know if the colors are correct. I bought some software that help's with the color and can sort of make color profiles but there had to be a better way. BTW I did get paid for the job but not after lots of worry and editing and spending some money making print after print and the software. Lesson learned.

The X-Rite Color Checker Passport.

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This is a White balance and color calibration tool that not only sets your white balance but also calibrates your camera color to industry standard no matter what camera you use. It comes with software for creating color profiles and is compatible with Lightroom. Sometimes the change is subtle but it definitely makes a difference in the end. All of your photos in the shoot you do will be consistent in color and white balance. Now before a shoot I calibrate the WB and take a shot of the Color Target. 

When doing a portrait session, I have the subject hold the passport

When doing a portrait session, I have the subject hold the passport, or place the passport in the lighting condition of your shoot whether landscape or product shots. You can load your color profiles in Lightroom or use their proprietary software and customize by using one of the WB targets on the passport. The same goes for landscapes or portraits. This way you can create your own unique look and style that will set your self apart from the rest.

To learn more about the passport checkout this video by Joe Brady  Perfect Color in Portrait and Landscape Photography