Relax! Its Only The End Of Summer

September 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Its the end of summer. Hard to believe. Where did it go? Alas, The Sunsets, BBQ's, Camping in the Great Northern Canada. Lots of photography time outdoors. Speaking of which. One sure way to beat the end of summer blues is photography and nature. Getting out and taking some snapshots is a great way to unwind and can help get you ready for the up coming fall season. Whether your into Point and Shoot or DSLR or Camera Phone, it doesn't matter. Taking photos helps me relax in 5 min or so. I went out yesterday and took some snaps of a local conservation area as there are a lot of opportunities to

(A): Relax and (B): Get some great photos.






I frequent a lot of local Ontario Conservation Areas. Buy the pass here. Its worth it. Plus you can go anytime for a year. Yes that's four seasons. Yesterday brought a lot of summer memories. It was nice out, not raining but some diffused sun by the clouds in the sky. I wasn't out to get THE SHOT so to speak.


A lot of times I just snap what I see when I'm out  so, today I'm just snapping a few pics to unwind and enjoy the day. First I started out at Christie Lake.

Bio Lite Camp Stove


I Cooked up a couple of Brats on my camp stove. This was a great investment for sure. We used it on our second camping trip this year. Quick and easy. Those twigs are the fuel. This works like a charm.  


Christie Trail SystemThe Pines have been thinned as part of the conservation management project







I did a hike through the woods afterward. I noticed how much the forest was thinned. A lot of the pines were gone. Kind of sad in away cause it was nice but part of the forest management. Not great for photos though.



I made my way to Valens took a walk on some of the trail systems they have. Again, the object was to relax and take some snap shots. Below are some of the days shots.

Valens Conservation AreaNear the boat launch Valens Conservation AreaThe boat rental Valens Conservation AreaThe Boardwalk Valens Conservation AreaView from the boardwalk  




















I really felt like camping one last time this week. That last time to go while the nice weather is upon us. I can see the Fall Season in the leaves starting and it's just around the corner. Either way I had a great time alone taking in the last days of summer.