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Who in the photography world inspires you the most. Who gives you the passion and the drive to go out and shoot photos. I will discuss three Professional Photographers who inspire me the most. Techniques I have learned from these professionals have really helped me understand and improve my photography.

1. Karl Taylor.   For years I have followed Karl. His work is superb and if you want to know more about photography and how the camera works and then some, then I highly recommend you checkout his masterclass learning series. These are great video classes and you can refer back to them at any time for a refresher if needed. He brings you into the real world, shooting in all kinds of situations and all types of photography in mind.  He also offers some free online courses to get a feel of what you will be getting. August of 2012 was when I used some of the techniques that I learned from Karl's classes and I was thrilled. It had to do with the composition more than anything. If you do end up following Karl or buy his online courses you will immediately see better results in your own work.  

Before: The picture is flat, with no sense of depth.

The BeachThe Beach

After: I think you get the picture. Yes?

Down By The SeaDown By The Sea


2. Joe Brady  Joe is a great instructor of photography and lighting. I've learned more about lighting from him than anyone else inspiration wise. From constant lighting to flash. Portraits, Posing, Outdoor Portraits etc. You can learn a ton from just his YouTube channel ( Joe Brady You Tube channel ). One of my fav's was one he did about traditional portrait posing. The right and wrong way. Hmmm Posing the Wrong way?  Yep! This was a great learning video that really inspired me and got my photography passion going. I had to shoot. I had found a couple of subjects to do a shoot and practice traditional portrait posing. In the pose below I had them stand somewhat apart and then lean into each other. This works better than hips or body close together and then trying to get the heads together for a shot. He acknowledges her more this way in the photo. Notice the angles? ( eyes, shoulders, nose, mouth ).  More interesting than a straight on flat shot. PS: This Gentleman hates getting his picture taken but after this shoot and the poses he learned he could not wait to get his picture taken again. We had a blast and in the end some good poses were the result. Not perfect but definitely better than before.


You can see more on the Studio To You page.




3. Neil van Niekirk .  Neil has opened up a whole new world in photography for me. Flash photography. In particular Bounce flash Photography & the Black Foamy Thing. If you want to know what the BFT is then go over to Neils forum Tangents . He can explain. It works and this technique is a great tool in my photography arsenal. This is a photo done using flash and bouncing the flash off a white reflector behind the camera flash pointing up at a 45 degree angle to simulate a studio soft box. The results are amazing using this technique. The light from coming from her left ( your right) is natural light from the edge of my window blind. 


I sent one of these photos to Neil to show him my result of the technique and tools used in this photo inspired by him. 


 Being self taught, in my opinion, these professionals have been of great value. I would like to personally thank them for sharing their knowledge. Photography is more abundant and accessible than ever,  but is less valued more than ever. I hope that in my photographer's journey I can help give value to photography. Learning how to shoot photos is a wonderful journey to take in life and I'm grateful that I've been inspired by these and many more great photographers.