You Wanted The Best... (Photo Memories)

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Photography captures events passed. Whether it be moments ago or decades ago. People, love photos. People, love memories. Photography can bring back memories long past. Some of my favourite are from a time not long ago.  


​​One of the greatest introductions ever.

For me, it all started back in September 1975 but this time is from August 2010. I was fresh off seeing KISS in Burgettstown PA, 5th row back. What a show that was. All I can say is AWESOME. Fast forward a couple of weeks and now we are in Darien Lake. An equally AWESOME show. Quite the story too. My KISS experiences have been....... Well, lets put it this way. Not many people have been able to have had the experiences that I've had with regards to KISS.  I'm sure many are just as magical. This particular concert was no exception.

The Morning

I remember the morning of August 13th 2010. KISS was playing in Darien Lake and I wanted to go.... bad. I phoned a friend to see if she wanted to go. She was in, but had Med School till 3pm. Perfect!!. I could go order the tickets and pick them up at the window in Darien Lake. Well.... 3pm rolled around and past. We didn't hook up until after 6pm and now with a 60 min or more drive, plus the border wait, I was concerned. We made a stop Tim Horton's for coffee at the Casablanca exit of the QEW Niagara from Hamilton. There were a lot of people in the building but my friend was very adept at cutting through crowds to the front of the lines and then soon we were on our way with coffee in hand.

The Border

At the border, there were guards everywhere. There where two RV's off to one side on the border crossing back to Canada. A guard walked by and asked if we saw anyone go by here. I replied that i didn't see anyone but the guards. They were definitely looking for someone. He tapped on the window of the car infront to look at them as they were facing away. I thought we would be there for ever and it was getting later. Soon after, were on our way and pulled into the park. It was getting  darker now. Not long until show time. I really wanted to see the begining. My friend had not seen the likes of KISS before and was a big Nickleback fan. We walked along looking for a ticket window and we found ourselves going away from the venue. Now I'm worried but we back tracked and found the window and got our prized tickets. Twenty Five rows back, dead centre. Now going through the turnstile I can hear The Who's, Won't Get Fooled Again ending. I knew the curtain was up, revealing the KISS logo in the centre.  We hear the rumble...... and the crowd cheering!!! My heart is pounding now because good luck finding your seat in a time like this. It was dark and everyone was focused on what was coming. We frantically looked for our seats and after a couple of failed attempts we found them. I was in a row and asking people in the row behind where these seats were. A KISS ARMY brethren, and thats what KISS fans are. If you've never been to a KISS event whether it be a concert or not I highly recommend you go. Anyway, a KISS ARMY brethren told me I was at my proper seat just as they were saying.


The Concert

I literally set my camera bag down, pulled out my daughters point and shoot (FUJI Fine PIX) camera and started shooting photos. I was actually amazed at what I captured. What a show too!! # 7.  Below are some of the captured memories during the concert.


Any later and I would have missed the opening. KISS rises over the drum kit. I snapped a number of shots of the show. It was hard to balance the photography and watching the show. 


I had no idea what I would get. My dream was (and still is) to do some photography of KISS from the pit upfront. We were Twenty Five rows back for all of these photos. I was pushing the limits of this camera for sure. 

KISS Balls of FireKISS Balls of Fire

You could feel the heat from the fireballs on your face and the beat of the drums in your heart. 

Eric SingerEric Singer

Being in the centre of the amphitheatre was a bonus. Zooming in, I was able to capture some cool stuff. Look at the blur of Eric Singer's stick. You can still see his face throughout.

The Star ChildThe Star ChildPaul on the Carousel. Darien Lake on August 13th 2010

Paul on the carousel. Looking right at me. I love this shot. The night sky in the background was perfect. Almost like a studio look. Remember, this is a (Fuji Fine PIX) point and shoot I was using. I could only imagine what I could capture if I had my Nikon SLR and 70 -300 MM glass.

Gene SimmonsGene Simmons

The Demon. Gene Himself. He loves his roll and loves KISS. Nobody does the demon like Gene. If you listen closely, Gene is actually a very accomplished bass player. An intricate part of the KISS machine. One lucky guy bought this guitar for $5000.00 and was presented with it after the show. 


One of the most awesome things is the KISS ARMY. You can't help but feel the camaraderie. Everyone singing.

KISS on FireKISS on Fire

Everybody getting into the show. I've never been asked to sit down at a KISS show. Everyone is doing the same thing. 

KISS Rock and Roll All NiteKISS Rock and Roll All Nite

Time to...... Rock And Roll All Nite And Party Every Day!!!

KISS KonfettiKISS Konfetti

The confetti, one of the best parts of the show. My friend said, although she was not a big fan of their music, hands down, it was the best show she had ever seen. I'm so glad I have these photos. I still remember it like it was yesterday. These photos bring back so much happiness and joy.


Who knows, maybe one day I'll be in the pit at a KISS show.


People over there LET ME HEAR YA!!