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A Moment In Time

October 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Photography basically captures a moment in time. It freezes it causing you to look, study and focus on that moment in time.  On October 10th, 2013 at 9:52am, I was fortunate enough to capture one of those moments. It was one of those extremely foggy days. You know, the kind where you literally can't see two feet in front of you. I decided to go to one of my favorite local nature hangouts. When I arrived there was a cross country school track meet going on. I didn't want to go there so I made my way to Valens Conservation Area. Another one of my favorite local nature hangouts. While driving past the beach area I saw it. It was a scene with a Boathouse. Complete with fog and nice calm water, with a hint of fall color in the leaves. I parked down the lane way toward the boat rental area. I distinctly remember pondering on whether to go and shoot that scene. I almost didn't . Boy that would have been a mistake. Below is the scene that I had envisioned while entering the park.

Boat HouseBoat House


I am glad I went and did this shot. If you look at the background the fog looks like it is lifting burning off with the sun. The light for this shot was the sun diffused by the fog. Kind of like a huge soft box. I knew I had only so much time. The sun breaking through, was burning off the fog. Within moments the fog was gone and it was just another beautiful sunny day.