Natures Gift to Photography - A Photo Opportunity

April 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Natures beauty. There are many types of landscape photo opportunities. The key is... you need to either have the camera with you at all times or recognize those opportunities and act upon them. A few years ago I happened upon a scene and got a beautiful photo. I talk about it in a previous post called A Moment In Time. It featured a boat house with fog burning off of the water. It was magical and the scene was gone in a few minutes. There was a lot of luck as far as timing goes but actually seeing and reacting to it is harder than you think. For a moment in time I actually thought of not capturing it. So, on March 24th 2016 there was such an opportunity. I was hearing the previous few days that our area was going to experience freezing rain. Freezing rain causes all kinds of damage to trees and such. It also provides some beautiful photographic scenery. The trees were nicely coated with ice and it was still raining. It was around noon hour, I noticed that there was some fog. I wanted to get a nice scene of the ice on the trees but the fog reminded me of a few years ago. Opportunity!! This fog, was not going burn off as there was no sun shining through. I was going to go to Christie Conservation but a serious accident happened on HWY 52. It was closed and was going to be, all day. I decided to go to the Eramosa Karsk. I thought with freezing rain, the roads would be in bad condition. The Karsk was a close location. Upon arriving, I saw the gate was closed. Wow! Closed? I thought it was probably because of the trees and the amount of ice on them. Trees get quite damaged as everybody knows so the potential for danger was great. I was thinking of going home but turned into the Albion Falls parking lot. There is a trail that goes to a rail trail. I thought of getting something with the trees bent over and the trail going straight or something. I took a couple of warm up photos.


​In this weather, its quite dangerous to be around water. The creek was high and running fast so I was sticking to the trail and the fence line. I stuck to the top of Falls area too. Going down into the gorge would be foolish. Safety #1. You might hear that you need to go where nobody goes to  (GET THE SHOT) so to speak but that is not always true. Composition, weather conditions etc... can greatly affect the Photo's ambience and look. Natures Gift to Photography. Weather conditions. I had two for sure, fog with freezing rain... aka ICE. 


The trees look all dressed up. It's quite beautiful to walk and see. I'm fortunate to live in an area rich with forests and trails. The city has done a good job of providing this. You really can get away from it all just 5 min from the house. 


I did go further up the trail but I was getting wet and so was the camera. I did not want to chance much more. The tree and straight trail photo I had imagined wasn't coming together so I headed back, all the while taking pictures as the scenery was beautiful in its own way.

​It wasn't until I got back to the falls reservoir that I saw it. Exposed it. Composed it. Waited until there were no cars and... was able to produce the photo below

H2O in its three states ( Liquid/Water, Solid/Ice, Gas/Fog ) help make this scene.


 A beautiful scene with the help of Mother Nature. H2O in its three states ( Liquid/Water, Solid/Ice and Gas/Fog ) help make up this scene. ​Natures gift to Photography. I'm glad I went out that day and captured some of natures beauty.