No Camera? No Problem!

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently, I had vacationed in Northern Ontario's Almaguin Highlands, near the village of South River. During one of our afternoon car ride adventures, I didn't have my camera handy, so I whipped out my iPhone 6 to grab some snaps. This is a view from the covered footbridge in the village of Burk's Falls. I can revisit to this place to photograph with my DSLR and improve this scene properly. My iPhone has replaced the point and shoot though, for quick snapshots. I repeat ( point and shoot ) not my DSLR. Anyone who believes that the average camera phone can replace DSLR is sorely mis-guided. (Hint) Do not use the digital zoom on the iPhone. It will severely degrade your photograph. Digital zoom on a phone has along way to go to be acceptable in my opinion. 

Burkes Falls OntarioA view from the covered footbridge.

There is an Ice Cream/Bake Shop right before the covered footbridge. Bring cash as they don't take debit or visa but the ice cream is well worth it. Plus the muffins looked delicious. Outside of the shop is a plaque telling of the falls history and how it generated power for electricity until 1960. It started out powering the area woodworking mills. 

The plaque reads:



Local woodworking industries first used Burk's Falls as a source of power in 1855. At this point the Magnetawan River which rises in Algonquin Park and flows into Georgian Bay drops 28 feet. In 1904 a rock-fill crib dam was built across the river. The development was reconstructed in 1923 and new generating units were installed. The plant was owned and operated by Knight Brothers Limited, a woodworking firm. In 1950, when the municipality became associated with the Hydro system, the Burk's Falls Generating Station was acquired by Ontario Hydro. Continuing in operation for another decade, the 245-kilowatt development was retired from service in 1960.




Also, check out the Heritage River Walk where the covered foot bridge is located here:  Burk's Falls