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Enhance your life with SleekLens (Workflow)

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 Through the Woods - workflow by Sleeklens for (LR) Lightroom. It's a workflow designed with input from professional photographers to enhance and edit your photos. Through the Woods is the landscape portion of their products. It features a one stop shop for your photo edits with all in one presets like, Calm Sunset, Dawn Rising & Shine Into The Sunset to name a few. Quick and to the point. For beginners and pro's alike, an excellent option for your digital darkroom. That's just the start. This workflow also contains numbered presets that range from (Base), (Exposure), (Colour/Correct), (Tone/Tint), (Polish & Vignette). Each numbered preset has many various settings like (1 - Base - Basic Film, Morning Light), (2 - Exposure - Brighten Shadows, Less Highlights), (3 - Colour Correct - Reduce Greens,Yellows ETC.),  (4 - Tone-Tint - Colour Pop, Warm It Up, Cool It Down), (5 - Polish - Punch it up, Sharpen, Add Contrast), (6 - Vignette - Medium Black, Medium White, Subtle Black, Subtle White). I counted 51 presets in all. You follow down the preset # to create your desired finish. 

Kind of like baking, you can create recipes. Your purchase comes with recipes to try. Keep in mind these are for specific photo types and not all recipes will work with each photo. Thats where your creativity comes into play. Speaking of creativity, Through the Woods employs brushes that further extend the versatility of this workflow. In my version there are 30 different brushes for the finer details of your work like (Basics), (Colour), (Effects), (Haze) & (Light) with each having multiple various settings. Each preset and brush are further customizable if you like and the presets/brushes are stackable. 


The above and below photo's show the raw un-edited version and the edited version with the Through the Woods workflow presets and brush combination. This is where Sleeklens presets and brushes shine. You can bake in so many details to put your own stamp on your work. They really put some thought into their workflows. 

As with anything there is a learning curve but they get you going on the site with video tutorials and from there the sky is the limit. I had fun at first really baking photos but then tried to get more serious about things and settled down to see first what could I do and second how fast. A couple of the benefits of Sleeklens workflow is along with a professional looking photo, you have more time to shoot and less time infront of the screen. Something all photographers want I'm sure. Don't get me wrong,  Sleeklens is fun to use and you could spend hours tweaking your work, but at the same time you can really put out a quality photo in record time, if you want. It comes in versions for Lightroom and Photoshop. They have many more workflows on their site along with tutorials for all types of photographers and prices to suit any budget. 


Enhance your life with the Sleeklens Through the Woods workflow @




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