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Two Light Product Photo

November 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I needed a reason to try my new strip soft box and a new radio trigger system recently purchased. So I thought I would try a product shoot for practice. I just used a product found in our home. It was a small moisturizer product. I've done other simple product photo shoots and even more complex one's with a single light, but today, I wanted to use a two light setup as seen in the below photo.

I set the camera so the back drop light coming from the window was non existent in the first exposure. That way the two light setup would be the only effect on the product. First I used the strip light to see how the product looks adjusting the light power to suit my taste using the radio trigger system. It was a lot better than going to each light to adjust power. Especially if you have a diffused modifier like the strip box and are using a flash gun as in my case.  

Next I turned off the strip light and turned on the other side using a flash gun bounced into a white/black umbrella. Again adjusting the light power until I was happy. If you look at the rim lighting on the blue cap in both photos you can see the result of the two different light modifiers. Above with the strip box the highlight is soft and spread. In contrast as in the below photo the rim lighting by the white/black umbrella is diffused but the width spread is less. 

Then I apply both lights and check out the results. You might have to adjust one of the lights when doing this because more light is in the photo. One might over power the other too much so to speak. Also, adjust the positioning of the lights if needed which I did and also I introduced a white reflector to the front.

Next I wanted to make the product look somewhat more interesting so I propped it up underneath for the first step in this process as seen in the  below photo. This helps to create dimension with the more angles involved. It also lights the top of the cap and highlights the impressed product name with light and shadow making it more legible to read.

You need to keep in mind that you are trying to sell a product with the photo, so reading what the product is would be of great benefit. In this case on the top cap seen above (Loreal Paris) and on the side (Hydra Genius - Extra Dry Skin - Peaux - Tres - Seches.)

Once the angles are set and the product logo or name is to your satisfaction then you are done right?  No way!! I was thinking of what the product was and it was moisturizer. So then I thought introduce some H2O. I poured some water on the glass that it was resting on and then proceeded to mist the top with water from a spray bottle as seen in both above and below photos. This now introduced problems with the top of the cap. The legibility of (Loreal Paris) was severely muted due to over misting. This in turn made the light and shadow distort the writing in the larger water droplets.

To over come this I wiped with a paper towel across the written part of the cap. I then re sprayed the cap lightly leaving the bigger droplets on the outside edges. This took some repeated tries to get it where I was satisfied. The plastic sheen coming from the top caps centre area helps highlight the written portion. 

The other problem was that the water that I poured on the glass was now affecting the white back drop underneath creating a splotchiness look to the photo. You can really see it in the closeup photo prior to the above one. So to combat this I slightly lifted the glass from the backdrop which helped and made it look like it's floating somewhat.

I chose this photo and cropped to portrait version to make a poster or magazine advertising look. The Hydra Genuis portion, I felt was easier to read as there was no shine from the metallic on label. I found the sometimes where I held the reflector would reintroduce the shine and over expose the writing. I think to improve its further I would next time keep all of the glass off of the back drop. It would probably help reduce the textured area's caused by the texture of the back drop in the shadow. All in all, I'm happy with the result and had fun doing this session. 

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