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Lighting Product Photography.

May 14, 2017  •  1 Comment

 With today's social media and online selling platforms your product needs to stand out more than ever. You will see many occasions online of possessions or products being sold using a plain old or bad picture. Lighting a product changes the look so much, you could create moods to suit your taste, with the right lighting.


Today I'm using a simple one light setup using a speedlight coupled with a 5 in 1 diffuser. I'm attempting to shoot light through the diffuser to create a soft light and minimize harsh highlights. I'm using a white background. I also placed the flash slightly back of the product or glasses as in the above photo. 

This will showcase the product being photographed. I do not have a boom for my flash to go directly overhead, so I had to settle with angling the flash head. I tried to minimize the shadows with another 5 in 1 reflector and positioning the light and camera angle first. There is some post work done in Lightroom to further whiten the background and minimize shadow anomolies. 

The 25 yr ring had a wide black streak from the right side so to help minimize this I placed the reflective portion of the 5 in 1 to the right of the ring. You have to experiment and take time to get it the way you want. I turned the ring this way to get more detail in the written portion and for dimension. Positioning of the second 5 in 1 reflector served to help light the front portion of the ring.


The shoot was done in daylight. I set up my camera first, so the exposure was completely black at f11, ISO 100 with shutter speed @ 250, set my flash and started taking shots.  I adjusted my shutter speed as needed to get optimal look and feel. I also moved the light back and forth and this created different looks depending on how the light has cascaded across the product. 


If your selling multiple products, or one of value, you should retain a photographer to take care of the presentation. I for one travel to home, business or location and can do multiple products in one shoot, just like the ones you've seen in this post. Even if you are selling some of your old possessions to make some extra cash, presenting your product in a professional manner, can greatly enhance your price and reduce time to sale.



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