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Whats In Your Bag?

July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the most in-expensive, highly universal tools a photographer can have is .... a  5 in 1 reflector.  A 5 in what? A 5 in 1 reflector is a disc, consisting of white & black nylon, single-laminated reflective cloth, spring steel crimped framing with diffusion panel cloth wrapped around the spring steel, with gold, black, white, and silver external covers. The covers can be inter-changed in different configurations around the panel to produce different results. They come in various sizes and some can fit into your camera bag, although mine are larger but portable enough to carry around with me.

Here are some of the ways you can utilize this tool to enhance your photography. 

1. Silver reflector. A hard light with specular hi-light from the reflective nature, with a cold tone due to the silver. 

2. Gold reflector. A hard light with specular hi-light, again from the reflective nature, but warm toned due to the gold. 

3. White reflector. A softer light with less specular hi-light. Muted reflective nature due to the neutral white.

4. Black reflector.  A light absorber with no specular hi-light.

5. Diffusion. A very soft wrap around light with soft hi-light.  AKA. Soft box, Shoot thru Umbrella

All of these reflect a bounced light from another source, whether it be from artificial, sun, or just daylight with the exception of the black and diffusion, black being the absorption and diffusion being the shoot through. A natural light photographer might find this an option rather than flash. I do find that natural light photographers, ( not all mind you) tend shoot that way because they feel intimidated using light modification. That being said, by no means am I saying that I'm some kind of light master guru. I'm not. When I got my first set of lights I thought I would be taking great portraits right off the bat. Boy, was I ever wrong! I quickly realized this is a whole other science to learn. It's learning about light and shadow and manipulating the light and shadow.  I'm always learning.

A 5 in 1 helps with all kinds of light modification. Yes there are limitations but the benefits far out weigh the limits to make this such a useful tool for any photographer to have. You don't need a big expensive camera to use these. They can be applied to any form of camera right down to your cell phone camera. In a later post I will show scenarios using a 5 in 1 reflector and the different effects they produce.

I do not get paid by a sponsor to use/promote these but I do use these tools to help get paid... by satisfied clients.




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