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Have Camera, Will Travel - (No Camera? No Problem) - Revisited

August 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last year, I did a post (No Camera? No Problem!). We were vacationing in the Almaguin Highlands Region. One day we were in Burks Falls at the covered bridge over looking the area and didn't have my camera, so I used my (Phone). No camera No problem Right? Well... I knew that it was not going to be the best... and it wasn't. Again, you can boast about mega-pixels and all, but the small lens on a phone can only let in so much light. You can't tell me that a tiny lens not much bigger than a pin hole is going to take a better photo than a DSLR with a nice lens (glass). Yes, you can take a good photo but as I said in that post, I will revisit and take a better shot. This year, I did just that.

There is a nice ice cream/ bake shop located in the Burks Falls Welcome Centre. They also have some tables you can sit at on the patio around back. On the front wall of the Welcome Centre is a sign outlining a river walk from the arena to the footbridge below the dam.

The walk dates to the early 1900's. A rail line was built, connecting Burk’s Falls station on the Grand Trunk Railway and the village of Burk’s Falls station on the Magnetawan River. The rail line was mainly used as a freight spur, from the Magnetawan River to the Grand Trunk Line and today, provides the scenic walking trail, (The Heritage River Walk).

I haven't done the walk, but plan to do so in the future. We really went there for the ice cream and I got out my camera this time. No problem. LOL. We made our way to the covered bridge where I took the shot below last time. They days were similar with vastly different out comes. The phone's photo below looks washed out colour wise and a lot of contrast. But hey, in a pinch the phone camera gets you something right? Although, I have not gotten the quality that I would make prints from.

In the below photo using my DSLR, you can even see detail in the shadows. It is picturesque to say the least, with much better result and about as fast as the phone. It was shot in RAW, Manual Mode (ISO 400, 1/1000 @ f8), with minimal post work.

View From Burks FallsView From Burks Falls

I used my 35MM prime lens. I profiled the colour to camera vivid in ( LR ) post, although I could have easily done the same in camera as a RAW file has many advantages over Jpeg. I never shoot Jpeg anymore and haven't for years. One thing, the files are bigger but I'll go into detail on that in a later post. I'm not that worried about storage these days as storage is cheap so there is no reason to shoot Jpeg. I have two SD cards in my camera and have shot for 8hrs solid and didn't even fill them up. I had captured a number of shots along the bridge over looking the area keeping in mind composition. I want a scene, not a snap shot. You could definitely come back and redo this scene in all types of weather and time of day. A nice sunset perhaps? The bridge in the back ground is HWY11, of which you can see the opposite view to here from there. I never noticed this until this year, going up along the HWY. I was glad I went back to try to redo the shot because it is such a beautiful spot as a lot of the Highland Area is. As locals call it and I tend to agree. It's Gods Country.

Have Camera, Will Travel---No Problem!!!