Geoff Guthro Photography | "It is easy to have good quality when you shoot with hasselblad!"

"It is easy to have good quality when you shoot with hasselblad!"

January 23, 2018  •  1 Comment

 Thinking of what to talk about next, I read this comment posted recently on a photographer's social/media website by someone.

"It is easy to have good quality when you shoot with hasselblad!". 

Today I talk about exactly this subject. The perception that the camera makes a great photograph not the photographer. I've touched on a similar subject before in past blog posts like ( I bought a prime lens and it was not very good ). That post was about a gentleman who bought an F1.8 prime lens and then took it back because the photos were blurry. He thought it was a defective lens when actually it was a defective thought process so to speak. His perception was that it was good in low light. Which is true to some extent but you have to take into consideration that if you open up your aperture too much, the DOF (depth of field) becomes very prevalent. Especially at night in a night club across a table with no lighting other than the house lights but that's besides the point.

So back to "It is easy to have good quality when you shoot with hasselblad!". This was one persons perception. 

The photographer's reply, that this comment was directed at said...

"That's a bit like saying the best novels were written only by authors with the best type writers".

Well said...

Although you do need some equipment, it's understanding the concept of light and shadow that gets you the good quality so to speak. I can take a good quality photo with a pinhole camera by understanding the science of light and shadow if I want. I can produce excellent results from the training I've received and with the equipment I have. 

The above photo is taken using one light with a soft box modifier. So you would think, buy a soft box, put it some where and presto!! a beautiful photo. When in-fact, it's how you use the softbox, or any modifier for that matter that determines softness. You can use a bare bulb studio strobe or flashgun and get a soft light if you know what your doing. With light and shadow that is! 

Learn to control light and shadow and you can do all kinds of good quality of photography. Provided of course you know how to compose the photo. The below photo was taken using one light with a softbox modifier but in a different position. 

"What another photographer uses should never stop anyone from getting to work with what they have."  Replied another.

I love this one and it's so true. Once you learn about light and shadow and how to apply it to your photography aka.. (Composition), then the sky is the limit for what can be created. The below photo was taken using four lights placed in a specific way to try to create a product shot look and feel.

I didn't have a Hasselblad but still managed to get this photo with what I had. Why?.... Because, I learn about light and shadow. I say learn because all aspects of photography are a lifetime of learning and light is no exception.  Practice makes perfect right?

The below photo is a HPNOTIQ liquor bottle product shot. Produced with one light and a lot less expensive camera than Hassleblad. Yet a good quality photo was still produced. Now, lets say I do have a Hassleblad camera and gave it to said person ("It is easy to have good quality when you shoot with hasselblad!"). I do believe they would not produce near the quality of the below photo, which was specifically lit to create this look, by controlling light. One light that is. 

Don't get me wrong. Hasselblad is considered a premier line of camera but, the photographer also says. 

"Yes, different cameras do capture varying image qualities, but it's the emotion and mood of the final image that requires an understanding of composition and light". 

I've met some people that bought a nice camera feeling they would take better photos. They quickly realized that would not happen. The camera then collects dust.

Learn + Practice = Success. This I know improves my work and it's half of the fun! It takes great knowledge, skill and discipline to create a good quality photo. Oh...and that Hassleblad using photographer that the comment was directed at... is a world renowned high end photographer, specializing in product photography and also, my instructor.

It is easy to have good quality.... when you know what your doing!




VP SINGH(non-registered)
Hi Geoff, can you explain how did you shoo th HPNOTIQ liquor bottle, I mean the one light setup photograph. This is really a wonderful photograph with just one light. Hard to believe that even with one light such beautiful pictures can be shot.
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