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5 Random Ways To Improve Your Photography

May 30, 2018  •  1 Comment

Let's face it. Everyone is a photographer now a days. The photographic technology in smart phones have come so far that even video quality is better than my old Sony Handy Cam. Remember those? No? Yes? Maybe? It doesn't matter anyway because that was so last century. My point is that pretty much everyone has access to a camera. Today I would like to share 5 random ways to improve your photography. 


1. Stop the Mirror Selfies!! (especially the bathroom selfie). 

Hire a professional photographer or someone capable of producing professional looking results. There is nothing worse than observing a person in a photo extending a phone. Is it an advertisement for a phone or a self portrait?


2. Clean the Lens.

Whether it be a full sized camera or smart phone camera, they all have a lens. If you don't clean it then guess what? You have a greater chance of blurry, out of focus, anomalistic photos. Dust and fingerprints can accumulate over time on the lens. I mentioned the smart phone as most people have probably never thought of cleaning their camera lens. 


3. Straighten things out

You would be surprised at how much better a photo looks when it is straight. It can go un-noticed but once its shown, it sticks out. Using a tripod it will greatly help in getting your shots straight. They have a level so you can get the horizon or subject straight. 

If not then pay attention to how straight the photo is because doing this in post will crop the photo and possibly change the look or feel.

The cropped area loss is demonstrated in the above capture. There are times that you might want to have a photo on an angle to create a fun look, mood or feel. If so, then break the rules!! It is true angles and lines create interest, but in general elements within the photo would incorporate those properties. 


4. Go to Manual Mode  

Every camera pretty much has one. You have no control when in full auto. It sets the Focus, White Balance, Aputure , ISO and Shutter Speed. I spent 4 yrs in AUTO after my point a shoot camera days.  After awhile I wanted more. Once you start to truly learn about photography, you realize just how much more can be done by not being in auto mode. Which brings me to #5. 


5. Learn Photography

I learn all the time. It is a beautiful skill to acquire and you will see the world differently as you learn. There is so much beauty out there and photography can capture every moment. There are a number of ways to train your photographer's eye, ranging from college to onlnine courses by professional photographers. Even a friend who has knowledge can impart some useful tips to inspire your photography. 

5 random ways to improve your photography.



I'll be up in the north Bruce peninsula this weekend. I'll try to take some good pics haha.
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